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John L. Allen Jr the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI toots “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?”

Benedict XVI’s much awaited letter to the Irish people came out and our response is: It is time for the French Revolution at the Vatican: Benedict XVI must resign, Cardinal Bernard Law et al must resign …Shut-down the Vatican

Catholics can emulate Jews [who hunted down Nazi officers] by hunting down pedophile priests’ officers Benedict XVI & Bishops into the World Court

It is quite a coincidence that we would chose the Pied Piper of Hamelin, Germany, to laconically illustrate John L. Allen Jr of All things Catholic (formerly The Word from Rome) in NCR because it is a German story and John L. Allen Jr is attempting to save Benedict XVI when he was German Cardinal RATzinger who personally covered-up a German pedophile priest Fr. Hullermann see Timeline of Benedict XVI’s personal cover-up of a German pedophile priest when he was Archbishop of Munich, Germany

Photo of Pied Pier For those who are not familiar with the famous story, you can read about The Pied Piper of Hamelin in Wikipedia or watch the short Walt Disney’s movie in YouTube

John L. Allen Jr in his book "Benedict XVI" at p130 quoted Cardinal Ratzinger in a 1979 homily to justify the penalties he imposed on Fr Hans Küng: "The Christian believer is a simple person: bishops should protect the faith of these little people against the power of intellectuals." Well, in this post, we are going to show to intellectuals John L. Allen Jr and powerful Cardinal Ratzinger that Catholics are not or no longer “simple persons or little people” (or children of the Pied Piper) who will follow blindly All things Catholic and NCR and John Allen the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI and Vatican deceits and lies.

The main differences between John L. Allen Jr and the Pied Piper are that John L. Allen Jr is being paid well 6-digits both by the Vatican trillion dollar Bank and his pipe in his All Things Catholic column in NCR, and he can afford to sit all day playing with words and with his keyboard since he is paid well six-digits more than any other Catholic reporter or AP or Reuters journalist on earth.

John L. Allen Jr is Benedict XVI’s premier Pied Piper attracting thousands of Catholics in his All Things Catholic on NCR into the Papal Cave of Deceit and Lies. His article “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?” March 17, 2010 is a Catholic atomic bomb of deceit and lies. Let us give you proofs by showing you the first paragraph’s deceit and lies and by giving you five articles below to support our claims, btw, the third, fourth and fifth article cite John L. Allen Jr’s own writing in 2005. Fortunately, many of the proofs of John L. Allen Jr’s deceit and lies are from his own writings, just like Benedict XVI and John Paul II, the proofs of their own papal deceits and lies are also in their own writings and speeches.

See Pope Benedict NEVER defended children abused by priests during his lifetime of 82 years – proofs are in the books written by him and about him

Benedict approved a decree attesting to John Paul's heroic virtues but he is "brought to nothing" by St. Paul

The first paragraph of John L. Allen Jr is as follows.

« Gino Burresi may sound like the name of a shortstop from the '50s, but among Vatican insiders, it marks a watershed in the sexual abuse crisis. For those with eyes to see, the fall from grace of Burresi, a charismatic Italian priest and founder of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, shortly after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, was taken as a signal that the days of lethargy and cover-up were over. »

The first problem with John L. Allen Jr is that he is a master of words and a manufacturer of words (like John Paul II was a manufacturer of saints) and to prove him wrong, one has to spend a lot of time dissecting his style and words which is a waste of time. (He is like those Internet fraud, they are difficult to catch). But we will do it for the first paragraph and you will see that this is the pattern in all his other works. Again, we do all these time-consuming weblogs (and honestly it is disgusting to be writing about John L. Allen Jr, we don’t read his articles anymore, but we emulate the Jews who also felt disgust when they tried to catch Nazi officers) we do all these for the sake of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and to convince Americans, and now the world, not to call John Paul II a ‘saint” see Biggest Vatican stories of the decade: John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions this also points out John Allen’s deceits.

Let’s begin dissecting John L. Allen Jr the Pied Piper of Benedict XVI ⁄ Vatican deceits and lies.

The phrases in the first paragraph of John L. Allen Jr are qouted individually. Our comments are below each phrase.

“Gino Burresi may sound like the name of a shortstop from the '50s”

Let’s go to the first phrase of John L. Allen Jr, “Gino Burresi may sound like the name of a shortstop from the '50s”. Who the heck is this guy? Does any journalist or any reader of Abuse Tracker know who Gino Burresi is? Does any victim of pedophile priests know him? The name does not ring a bell, it does not sound American, it does not sound current, and so he must be a foreigner. He is “a shortstop of the 50’s” because no one really knows him in the other half of the 20th century, or during the longest papacy of John Paul II, no one knows him in the USA, google him up and he is not even in the file of SNAP or Bishops Accountability who are the first and foremost trackers of pedophile priests. Gino Burresi is not mentioned in the period of 2002-2010, the height of the 2.2 billion dollars American Church payment to victims of pedophile priests.

So far what John L. Allen Jr is saying is true that Gino is a shortstop of the 50’s becuase he is old, ancient and unknown. But that is the trick of John L. Allen Jr; he is a Catholic historian and he can call on his characters at his fingertip and he can mix facts of history to serve his own purpose and agenda which is mostly to cover-up Benedict XVI and John Paul II and, of course, to glorify and empower his invisible employer, the Vatican trillion dollars Bank and whatever they tell him to do. NCR is only his convenient employer, his facade. And whenever the Vatican want John L. Allen Jr to do something, it is known as “exclusive to NCR” – as you will see in the articles cited below. John L. Allen Jr and NCR have sold their soul to the wealthy Devil for fame and fortune years ago.

So why is John L. Allen Jr using (unknown) Gino Burresi as the first person, the first two words, the defining person, and therefore most important person, in Allen’s personal campaign for Benedict XVI in “Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present?” Gino Buressi is from the 50’s; Ratzinger Benedict XVI is 82 years old, they are both related by their old age. So John L. Allen Jr is using this old man Gino Burresi to save old man Josef Ratzinger who is implicated in the personal cover-up of an old German pedophile priests, Fr. Hullermann.

The deceit and lies of John L. Allen Jr resides in what he is NOT telling his readers about Gino Buressi. He leaves the ordinary Catholic to simply take his word for it, or to search it out in Google and if she or he does, John L. Allen Jr knows that there are very few articles about Buressi in relation to sex abuse which all lead to John Allen exclusive article on him.

Mother Angelica in her EWTN featured Gino Buressi with Fr. Fox who admired him greatly; see first cited article below. Gino Burresi can mainly be found in only John L. Allen Jr’s own archive, see third and fourth articles cited below, and in an Italian Vatican reporter, see fifth article below.

“but among Vatican insiders”

Now to John L. Allen Jr’s next phrase “but among Vatican insiders”: This reveals and identifies himself as the author. This means that if you are not a Vatican insider you don’t know Gino Buressi. John L. Allen Jr prides himself as the premier Vatican insider. John L. Allen Jr is a special part of the cultivated ‘Culture of secrecy’ of the Catholic Church. This is one of the biggest problems about John L. Allen Jr, that he is a Vatican insider and Catholics have to be at his mercy for information in the Vatican. He is, in fact the most exclusive Vaticanista as attested by his book “Opus Dei” because it is the Opus Dei who now controls the Vatican, the Vatican Bank and all appointments of Cardinals and Bishops.

See our earlier posts in the John Paul II Millstone (No it is not the Jesuits nor the pope’s Public Secretary, Federico Lombardi is a puppet dog receiving his daily rations from Private Secretary Georg, see our earlier post with photos - Photos of the out-of-touch with reality pompous life of Benedict XVI at the Vatican

Even the Vatican veteran Italian writer, Sandro Magister, ( has to go through John Allen for Vatican inside information (see fifth article below). Only John L. Allen Jr has a free pass to the Vatican and he is paid well for that which the IRS does not know because his $$$ wealth is in the Vatican Bank.

So listen, folks, to reach the Vatican, Catholics have to pass by John Allen first, “exclusive to NCR”. This is pretty pathetic. No wonder the first pedophile priests report in 1985 of Tom Doyle never reached the Vatican’s attention. The Opus Dei controlled the papacy of John Paul II, the CDF, Cardinal Ratzinger, and John L. Allen Jr was the Pied Piper who alone had direct inside contact in order to write his column “The Word from Rome”. Catholics are indeed pathetic to depend on John L. Allen Jr for first hand papal news when he is paid 6 digits by the trillion dollars Vatican Bank. They are being manipulated by Opus Dei Vatican hidden agendas - all the time.

“it marks a watershed in the sexual abuse crisis”

Now get this, Gino Burresi is the “mark” and the “watershed” in the “sexual abuse crisis”. Note that John L. Allen Jr cannot get himself to say “pedophile priests” in this article because Opus Dei prohibits him to do so, believe it or not, the sacerdotal is the most sacred institution to the Opus Dei and they are the highest breed in the Opus Dei elite hierarchy. They are called The Priestly Society of the Holy Cross…and “pedophile priestly society” does not sound too good, does it?

So John L. Allen Jr uses “sexual abuse crisis” without saying “clergy” or “pedophile priests”. Sexual abuse crisis by whom exactly, aliens from space? This style of writing is to support the Vatican’s claim that sexual abuse is done by other sectors of society.

John L. Allen Jr goes to deploy the deceitful word “watershed” for the (implied) drought in the Catholic Church brought about by the “sexual abuse crisis”. He will be using and coming back to this allegory in future articles. But for now, this is one of his biggest deceits and lies in that he implies that because of Gino Burresi, the drought has ended in the Catholic Church, that there is water in the oasis. So amidst the eruptions in Europe of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army, John Allen is quieting down his Catholic readers that really, “all is fine, this crisis over…there is water in the desert”. What a serpent Master of Words, deceitful and cunning, and very disgusting!

“For those with eyes to see”

John L. Allen Jr borrows from one of Christ’s saying: Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe…” Here he calls on his readers to use their eyes and see what is happening to Gino Burresi. He is a Pied Piper par excellence as he knows which button to press on Catholics.

So he craftily goes from “among Vatican insiders” (himself) to “those with eyes to see” (Catholics and his readers) and cunningly combines them both together. John Allen knows how to hook and keep Catholics hooked to him.

Here he’s saying, “You guys, use your eyes, see Gino Burresi, and stop looking elsewhere. I am telling you. I am the only Vatican insider. He is enough as a role model for all clergy abuse who got axed. So what other clergy abuse are you all talking about, it is over. It ended with Gino Burresi.”

“the fall from grace of Burresi”

This is the biggest lie of John L. Allen Jr in this article. The “fall from grace” of Burresi is NOT about sex abuse. It is about seven religious matters not related at all to sex abuse.

John L. Allen Jr makes it look like Burresi is the poster boy of clergy sexual abuse who got caught. He continues on in a very tricky way in the second paragraph which is very misleadingly and deceitful:

« Burresi, 73 at the time, was barred from public ministry in May 2005, just one month after the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the church's top job. While the decree cited abuses of confession and spiritual direction, Vatican sources were clear that accusations of sexual abuse involving Burresi and seminarians, dating to the 1970s and '80s, were a principal motive for the action against him. »

What is alarming is that the exclusive news of this “fall from grace of Burresi” and “Vatican sources” is John L. Allen Jr himself alone. See the third, fourth and fifth articles below. Unity Publishing which initiated and worked on the downfall of Burresi since 1984 was totally dependent and cited John L. Allen Jr’s NCR report: “A 20-page report from the tribunal, a separate document from the decree, was obtained by NCR. It cites seven offences by Burresi”.

The Vatican gives exclusive rights, “obtained by NCR”, to John Allen alone.

Even the San Francisco Faith which chronicled Archbishop Levada’s official acts had to cite NCR and be at the mercy of John L. Allen Jr: “Among his first acts as prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Levada signed a decree removing the head of a religious order from active ministry, said the July 22 National Catholic Reporter…The charges against Father Burresi which have resulted in this year's decree, however, do not primarily concern sexual misconduct but violations of the seal of the confessional.”

Sandro Magister of Chiesa.espresso Italy’s most veteran Vatican reporter also had to depend on John L. Allen Jr’s NCR Vatican document and (was forced to) corroborate with Allen that Burresi’s discharge was sexual abuse related in his article entitled “The First Sentence from Prefect Levada Makes the Legion Tremble”. See the fifth article cited below.

These four articles cited below (the main sources about Gino Burresi’s fall from grace) prove that John Allen evidently is given exclusive control of the Vatican’s important documents “exclusive to NCR”. John L. Allen Jr is part of the “Wall of Secrecy” and “Culture of Secrecy” of the Vatican and that is why he could dare call his column from Rome “The Word From Rome”. And is “The World seen from Rome”. Both are partners in the “Wall of Secrecy” of the Vatican and both controls the deceits and lies about the papacy and the trillion dollar Vatican Bank.

So John L. Allen Jr is the sole Pied Piper and his flute is “Made in Opus Dei” see our other postings about him

-----Opus Dei Fr. Mcloskey

----- Biggest Vatican stories of the decade: John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army committed Holy ES Eucharist-and-Sodomy of Biblical proportions

----- Catholic websites & Benedict XVI's spiritual penance versus Secular government’s justice of monetary compensation & jail time

----- American litigation against Benedict XVI-Cardinal Ratzinger the head of a Global Web of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Things Benedict XVI must do as proofs of his penance for the Irish victims of pedophile priests

Cardinal Ratzinger had no concern for children, he was busy making other theologians “fall from grace” like silencing Jesuits like Jon Sobrino see Notification on the works of Jon Sobrino

“a charismatic Italian priest and founder of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”

John L. Allen Jr does not tell the details about Burresi because if he does, readers would discover his deceptions that he did not “fall from grace” because of sexual abuse. Burresi’s case is special, like Marcial Maciel Degollado of the Legion of Christ, in that it has been brought directly to the Vatican by his many enemies. One of the things that caused Burresi downfall was that the Vatican Bank could not control directly his money as they could with the annual 100 million euro of Padre Pio see second article below “Padre Pio Shrine Fever: Could it fatal?”

The lies and deceits by John L. Allen Jr are in what he is not telling us that these are the seven reasons why Burresi was axed by Benedict XVI. Sure he was charismatic, so what, there are many charismatic priests out there. It is all these details that John Allen want kept secret because they do not pertain at all to sexual abuse by the priest Gino Burresi. John L. Allen Jr wrote July 22, 2005 in The Word from Rome, in the first sentence: “Sexual misconduct, however, is not the primary charge”.

In fact, it was never part of the official sentencing against Burresi. These were the charges against Burresi: The report lists the accusations against the priest: violation of the seal of the confession, the illegitimate use against the penitent of confidential information revealed during confession, defamation, violation of the right to privacy, incitement to disobedience against superiors, false mysticism, and claims of apparitions, visions, and supernatural messages.

Direct quotes from fourth article cited below:

See full article in


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