Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Paul II Pedophile NUNS Army

The John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army in the USA is far from over...and his John Paul II Pedophile Nuns Army rise from his grave and is now being unearthed! Ireland's John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army is out and now the nuns too are out. Oh, what hypocrisy John Paul II the Great left behind!

The Opus Dei is in a hurry to canonize John Paul II so that they can cite his writings together with St. Josemaria Escriva, their founder. The only obsession of the Opus Dei is their own OD glory and they have no care for the poor and the victims of the 26 years papacy of John Paul II which they controlled to the letter. The Opus Dei hate the Jesuits to the core as we have exposed in the Benedict XVI-Ratizinger God's Rottweiler weblog and the John Paul II Millstone weblog The Opus Dei has no sympathy for the tens of thousands of victims of the John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army and now his JP2NUNSArmy! Oh when the saints go marching in....the saints of the Opus Dei in the Vatican saint-factory in Rome...

Article published August 03, 2009
Stepped-up probe sought by activists

Group says sex scandal not over

From left, Ohioan Ginny Hoehne, Dan Thiel of Upper Sandusky, former Toledoan Barbara Blaine, and Kris Ward of Dayton prepare to distribute flyers after Mass at Rosary Cathedral Sunday. A sign is lettered for the demonstration outside the cathedral. The organizer says nearly 300 members of the SNAP group were abused by nuns.


The sexual abuse scandal that tore apart America's Catholic churches is far from over, area church activists said Sunday.

One such activist is Barbara Blaine, who heads the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP. She was among a group of about a dozen protesters who stood outside Rosary Cathedral, calling for Catholic leaders to step up their investigations of sexual abuse by priests - and nuns too.

The protesters called for their claims to become part of a nationwide investigation of church activity or be treated as a separate matter, but to be taken seriously either way.

"I don't see any evidence of real change," Ms. Blaine, a Toledo native who now lives in Chicago, said. "Most victims have gotten no adequate response."

Ms. Blaine organized the protest after finding out Bishop Leonard Blair reportedly will send surveys to more than 400 religious institutes and congregations across the country as part of doctrinal investigation of nuns.

A sign is lettered for the demonstration outside the cathedral. The organizer says nearly 300 members of the SNAP group were abused by nuns.

"If he's going to investigate the sisters, he's going to investigate sexual abuse," said Kris Ward, who heads the National Survivor Advocates Coalition and came from Dayton.She was referring to sexual abuse not just by clergymen, but also by nuns.

Ms. Blaine said that nearly 300 members of SNAP have been victims of sexual abuse by nuns. "No one wants to believe it," she said.

She cited no local cases involving nuns.

Most victims come forward decades after they were abused. Ms. Ward said the delay is even longer for those abused by women.

She said those brave enough to do so are often met with contempt and pain.
"Victims ask, 'Why come forward?' Because many of them came forward and were abused again," Ms. Ward said.

Some protesters questioned if Bishop Blair is the right person to lead a doctrinal investigation of American nuns, an assignment the Vatican gave him in April.
"We don't feel he's a just person to be doing that," said Dan Thiel, president of United Parishes, who traveled from Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

The diocese declined comment on the allegations, spokesman Sally Oberski said.
Ms. Ward said parishioners "have been very gracious."

"Whenever there is public information, there are always survivors that come forward, and there is awareness that is raised," she said.

Mr. Thiel said that priests guilty of sexual abuse were put on paid leave or retirement on diocesan money, with families of victims agreeing not to talk as part of their settlements.

"I've talked to some of the priests [accused of abuse], and they basically think that they're above the law," Mr. Thiel said.

Protesters asserted that there were still local instances of sexual abuse in the Catholic church that were going unreported.

"I think it would be naive to assume that there's not," Ms. Blaine said.
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