Friday, January 28, 2011

John Paul II's holy monks Rapists-Priests in Switzerland

Updated February 10, 2011 More rapists-priests in Switzerland revealed

The Vatican owns all the Swiss Banks that is why there is the exclusive Swiss Guard Army at the Vatican. There very few Catholics in Switzerland compared to the hundreds of millions of Catholics in Mexico, Brazil, Philippines but these countries will never qualify to be Swiss Guards. It has to do with the Vatican Swiss Banks, yes, God and Mammon. Switzerland is a neutral country and therefore the Vatican Bank can safely deposit all the wealth in the world especially of the despots in Third World countries like Marcos in the Swiss Banks. See our earlier post Benedict XVI, Marcos Gold & Billions & Jesuits

As we write this there is the billionaires and heads of states and financial institutions annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland...

John Paul II must not be called a "saint" by children of this generation and all generations to come because he had the longest papacy of 26 years and he did absolutely NOTHING to stop his John Paul II Pedophiles Rapists-Priests Army. Listen to this man why pedophile priests are in reality rapists. John Paul II was the most callous hearted pope because it didn't bother him one bit that Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston transferred 80 pedophiles rapists-priests from one parish to another in Boston where they raped hundreds of little boys. See our related articles "Catholics can emulate Jews [who hunted down Nazi officers] by hunting down pedophile priests’ officers Benedict XVI & Bishops into the World Court"

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World Radio Switzerland
Thursday, 27 January, 2011, 17:27

Monastery sex abuse cases claim 40 victims

Fifteen monks were found guilty of sexual abuse at a monastery in Einsiedeln, in central Switzerland, in cases stretching back over six decades, an investigative panel said on Thursday.

The panel said there were at least 40 victims, with the majority of the cases occurring in the 1960s and 1970s.

The cases only began to come to light when preventive measures were introduced in 1998.

Nine of the monks found guilty committed indecent acts on children, the panel said.

Three monks were found to be ring leaders and the notion of sexual abuse at the monastery had become accepted, the investigators said.

For the first time last year, the Catholic Church in Switzerland compiled detailed statistics of cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and other pastoral workers.

Listen as to why sexual abuse by priests should be called RAPE.

Pope Benedict: Blame The Devil!


Church announces more sex abuse cases
World Radio Switzerland

Church authorities in Switzerland say investigations are underway into two more cases of sexual abuse by priests—one in canton Geneva and the other in canton Vaud.

The two priests have been suspended from duty during the inquiry.

Last month, an investigative panel looking into cases of sexual abuse at the monastery in Einsiedeln in central Switzerland said 15 monks were guilty of offences over the past 60 years and there were about 40 victims.

Swiss diocese suspends 2 priests after allegations they sexually abused minors


GENEVA (AP) — A Roman Catholic diocese in western Switzerland has suspended two priests after allegations they sexually abused minors.

The diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg says information on one priest in the canton of Geneva has been submitted to local prosecutors.

It says the second case in neighboring canton Vaud concerns allegations that have passed the statute of limitations.


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