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Seven John Paul II Pedophile Priests now living in Las Vegas

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei are so preoccupied with manipulating the hasty canonization of John Paul II that they completely ignore the pedophile priests John Paul II left behind. Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei pray in Latin everyday at Mass that they are so drugged in Latin-ecstasy as they continue to live lives out-of-reality from their grandiose palace at the Vatican. John Paul II is NOT great; he was the most narcissist-pope and ego-maniac pope see the John Paul II Millstone for in-depth details

Benedict XVI and the Opus Dei think they have silenced the Jesuit Jon Sobrino for good but he just wrote one of his best book yet: NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE POOR: Prophetic-Utopian Essays, 2008,


The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

SNAP Press Statement

For immediate release: Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Statement on seven abusers now living in Las Vegas

Statement by Rita Prince

With no subpoena powers or church whistleblowers or special talent or massive effort, our group has found seven Catholic priests who have molested elsewhere, then moved here to Las Vegas.

We suspect there are others, maybe dozens of others.

Here’s who we’ve found right now.
-- Fr. Gus Krumm of California
-- Fr. Theodore Anthony Geerts of Iowa
-- Fr. Edmund Boyle of Washington
-- Fr. Theodore Meisner of Kentucky
-- Fr. Robert A. Bowling of Kentucky
-- Fr. James Beine of Missouri
-- Fr. James Patrick Feeney of Wisconsin

The one we’re most worried about is Fr. Krumm. Just last week, he was sued for molesting a child. Krumm is just 55 years old and his church supervisors won’t disclose where he’s living now. Besides Las Vegas, Krumm has worked in four other dioceses: one in Oregon (Portland) and three in California ( Sacramento Los Angeles, Orange). In 2002, when he resigned in Oregon, he admitted “some indiscretions.”

We believe that he has molested children recently enough that he can be criminally prosecuted. We urge every single person who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes to come forward, get help and call police. But we especially urge those who have information about Krumm’s crimes to speak up, so that others can be protected.

These seven priests are important for several reasons.

First, some of them may still be in Las Vegas.

Second, some of them may be around kids today.

Third, we suspect there are other priests who’ve molested elsewhere and are here now.

Fourth, as we all know, changing locations or job titles does not cure predators.

Fifth, we’re not aware of a church housing or treatment center for predator priests here. So if any of these dangerous and potentially dangerous men are still in Las Vegas, it’s unlikely they’re being supervised.

Finally, there may be one, or a dozen, or two dozen men and women who were molested here by one of these seven priests. Those victims are likely suffering in shame, silence and self blame. They may well feel very alone. They deserve outreach, healing, and truth telling.

So what’s the solution? In light of predator priests coming here, what should be done?

First, victims and witnesses must call police officials, not church officials, to report abuse.

Second, Bishop Pepe must disclose the names of any proven, admitted, or credibly accused pedophile priests who work here or have worked here, or who live here or who have worked here

Third, Bishop Pepe should permanently post this information on his diocesan website.

Fourth, Bishop Pepe should insist that these men live in independent, professionally-run centers so that they can get therapy and so that kids can be safeguarded.

1. Fr. Gus Krumm
Lawsuit filed last week in Orange County Superior Court.

Worked at St. James the Apostle Church 1940 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. in Las Vegas in the 1980s

2. Fr. Theodore Anthony Geerts
Separate lawsuits filed in 2003 and 2005

Worked at St. Bridget in Las Vegas in 1991-92.

3. Fr. Edmund Boyle
Lawsuit filed in Seattle in 2003

Pled guilty in 1987 to exposing himself to a mentally retarded 12 year old at a Nevada hospital where he was a chaplain

4. Fr. Theodore Meisner
Lawsuit filed in 2002 in Kentucky

Worked at St. Christopher’s parish in Las Vegas I (1984).

5. Fr. Robert A. Bowling
Lawsuit filed in 2003 in Kentucky

Worked at Our Lady of Las Vegas (1970 - 1972)

6. James Beine (a.k.a. Mar James) from St. Louis MO
Civil suit filed 1994; 7 other suits filed; 2 claims settled for $110,000. Convicted 2003 on possession of child pornography.

Lived in Las Vegas as of 2007

7. James Patrick Feeney from Milwaukee WI.
Convicted of abuse in 2004

Complaint made in Las Vegas


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