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John Paul II Millstone: John Paul II and his Leadership in the Church

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

JPIIPPA John Paul II Cardinal Francis George and Fr. Yakitis of Chicago

The 27 pedophiliac years papacy of John Paul II produced a lot of his clones in the Cardinals and Bishops he appointed -- who covered-up the heinous clandestine pedophiliac activities of his JPIIPPA John Paul II Pedophile Priests Army. Cardinal Francis George of Chicago is one of his best clones, Benedict XVI is of course his number one clone.

The leadership of John Paul II will be praised for years to come. It will be manipulated by his self-appointed clones through countless books, television shows and propagandas of "the Greatest Pope". But this JPIIPPA and the John Paul II Millstone weblogs will be the wellspring of truth of his papacy.

Sherlock Holmes, the writer of "John Paul II and his Leadership in the Church" March 3, 2007 tells of the inspiration and source of his article in the John Paul II Millstone

Hi Paris,

By the way the flap over Fr. Yakitis came to light when goofy Francis George appointed Yakits as Spiritual Director to Catholic Youth attending the University of Chicago - the Chicago papers caught it and pointed out that the Diocese's own files contained an admission from Yakitis of his past St. Mary's seduction of the young seminarian.

Can you possibly imagine the delight that Yakitis must have felt when the seminarian walked into his office seeking counseling from this 'spiritual director' revealing confusion over his sexual identity because he doesn't find girls attractive but confides boys sure look good and this pervert takes advantage to explore the opportunity no doubt under the guise, "well lets watch a movie and see what you think", and in the process compromises his inhibitions, plying him with alcohol until the sexual molestation of sorts is over.

Does it get any better than this from the point of view of the pervert...become a priest, your lovers comes to you....the ranks of the priesthood are filled with these closeted creeps. Do each other behind clothes doors, not on the streets where undercover plain clothes officer might being setting up a John sweep and you are picked up for indecent solicitation.

Yep, behind closed doors...never having to leave the edifice and after wards put on your Roman Collar and go lead a service some where, give a talk...sprinkle your words with interspersed words like blessed and holy....our heavenly father....our blessed mother.

Sherlock Holmes

Patricia Tryon said...
I don't suppose there's any chance you're going to back up your judgment of Francis Cardinal George with actual facts and analysis about him; it's easier just to throw off a clever comment, isn't it?
Sunday, March 04, 2007 8:06:00 AM

Respectfully Replying to Patricia Tryon’s comment:

You challenge my statement regarding Cardinal George’s dismal failure in leadership asking…?

“I don't suppose there's any chance you're going to back up your judgment of Francis Cardinal George with actual facts and analysis about him”.

Then you reveal your feelings adding, “It's easier just to throw off a clever comment, isn't it?”

Well, I never wish to disappoint a true believer in the all male institution of Priests…so since you asked for the facts… they are:

First let me begin by saying that Fr. Michael Yakitis and Fr. Kenneth Martin were known sexual predators WHEN they were placed in service by the Diocese of Chicago.

Yakitis had previously admitted to the seduction of the seminarian which admission was in his Diocese service file WHEN he was appointed in 2002 to the post of Chaplin at Calvert House on the campus of the U. of Chicago to minister to Catholic college students.

Martin who was removed from ministry in 2001 by his Bishop Michael Saltarelli of Delaware after felony conviction for sexual predation of high school youth in the 1970s as a then lay teacher…was allowed to live at the Chicago Diocese residence of cardinal George beginning in May 2002. The residence borders a Catholic grammar school.

The Diocese of Chicago had ample warning by a nun at Holy Family school regarding Fr. Dan McCormack as a sexual predator as far back as 2000 and ignored those warnings placing him in ministry at a St. Agatha’s Parish. He now stands charged of molesting at least three males under 10 years of age.

When asked at the Jan. 28 news conference about the nun’s story, George said the archdiocese had been unable to find the nun’s letter. He praised the nun for her actions, but noted this had occurred before the bishops’ zero-tolerance policy had been drafted.

In a news conference Feb. 2, George said that he should have removed McCormack sooner. “I thought we had the process to take care of these things,” George said.

“Now it turns out it wasn’t adequate. I wasn’t adequate. … I wasn’t vigilant enough.”
"For the many missteps in responding to the accusations of sexual abuse of minors by Father McCormack, I must accept responsibility and I do," George said. "For the tragedy of allowing children to be in the presence of a priest against whom a current accusation of sexual abuse had been made, I am most truly sorry."

Here is the nun’s account.

Fr. McCormack started saying mass on Fridays for the kids. “He's a wonderful homilist," the nun said. All was well until the mother of a fourth-grade student came to see me one Monday. McCormack had celebrated mass the Friday before and the mother alleged Fr. McCormack had an inappropriate encounter with her son.

"She said her son told her he went back to the church get a book, and Father Dan was there. So her son said to Father Dan, 'I'd like to be an altar boy. Could I learn how?' And Fr. McCormack said, 'Oh sure, but I need to measure you. Take down your pants', the nun reported the mother saying. "I thought, this has got to be a mistake”. So I gave the mother Fr. McCormack’s phone number saying, “I am sure there is am explanation”.

The nun said she and the boy's mother left many messages for McCormack throughout the week that followed, but by Thursday night, they had heard nothing in return. The nun said she left one last message for the priest, telling him the mother would be waiting for him at church the next day to confront him about her son’s charge.

Early the next morning, before Friday mass, McCormack was waiting and met with the mother of the boy alone, the nun said. "She came out and said, 'Sister, everything's fine. It was a big misunderstanding. Everything's fine. Don't pursue it,' the nun recalled. "Then Father Dan came out. I said, 'What happened?' He's looking down at the floor, and he's very light skinned, and his face is all red, and he said, ‘ I used very poor judgment.’

“And I said, 'Did you ask this boy to take down his pants?' And he still said, 'I used very poor judgment.' I said, 'Can you give me a yes or no?' And he said, 'I used very poor judgment, I have to go’.

The nun said she then called an official from Chicago Catholic Schools to report all that had gone on and was told by the administrator, "If the parents aren't pushing it, let it go." She didn't. She called a few more times, the nun said, and eventually wrote down her concerns and allegations in a letter that she hand-delivered to the school administrator in late winter or early spring 2000.

“I wanted it on file. I wanted something in writing because I knew in my heart it was true”.

The issue is NOT did these three abuse. The issue is, did the Diocese know of their abuse WHEN they were placed in ministry?

The answer is a resounding YES!.......background check…hello????

I do not personally fault Cardinal George like, I do not personally fault Army Secretary Harvey who was fired two days ago by Defense Secretary Gates for deplorable conditions at the Army Walter Reed Hospital…but like all CEOs , I fault the people they have put in place to carry out specific functions…and in turn hold the CEOs accountable! What the hell are they doing at the top if they are not communicating policy…effectively!!!

However, the buck stops with them. So if nitwits on Cardinal George’s staff approve the residence in 2005 of a convicted felon sexual predator, like Fr. Kenneth Martin {who was removed from ministry in 2001, but left a Priest not de-frocked }, at the Cardinal’s residence adjacent to a school with Catholic youths who he is likely to come in to contact with …. “Hi Father”….then either fire the staffer or take responsibility yourself and resign because you were ineffective in driving your message home…your leadership is wanting…you are too much of a forgiver in Christ and not enough of an administrator with command to call a spade a spade!

If nitwits on Cardinal George’s staff approve the appointment of an admitted sexual predator like Fr. Yakitis to the post of Chaplin when his file contains evidence of his abuse, then either fire the staffer or take responsibility yourself and resign because you were ineffective in driving your message home.

If nitwits on Cardinal George’s staff approve the appointment to a Parish post of a suspected sexual predator like Fr. McCormack about whom the Diocese has been warned then either fire the staffer or take responsibility yourself and resign because you were ineffective in driving your message home.

This has occurred three times on his watch. George cannot just sit at his desk going through a stack of ‘sign offs ’ and come to an appointment and not take a moment to scribble across the page to a staffer, “was this guy vetted?”…“we can’t have any more screw ups!”

But that is just what he did !!!

Why should guys like Yakitis. Martin and McCormack still be Priests supported by and nitwit Cardinals like George instead of out working in a factory, driving a cab, selling insurance, sweeping floors as a janitor, waiting on tables…instead of coming home each day with their Roman Collars on sitting down at a table, prepared by doting Catholic volunteer women dutifully saying, “Hi Father, how was your day?”

I mean in the REAL world if you apply for a police position, you go through all manner of psychological tests…they don’t want the ‘goofballs’.

By contrast the church has a history of welcoming them with open arms… a policy maintained by higher ups, many of whom are also eightballs and others who are just plain stupid subscribing to the overriding principle of forgiveness while ignoring common sense when selecting candidates.

Sherlock H

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